This October 13th to 15th, Get Your Move On to raise money for Fred Victor and help us “move” people into housing.

There are many ways to Get Your Move On for Fred Victor:

1. Join us for Fred’s Walk, a 7- km tour of Fred Victor’s downtown sites and see first-hand how Fred Victor helps people to Move On to better housing. Create a team and join us Friday afternoon or Sunday morning, your choice.

2. Do Your Own Move! Dance, swim, cycle, kick a ball, play tennis…that works too! Create a team and make it a fun group activity over the weekend of October 14th – 15th.

Get Your Move on in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose your move and sign up.
  2. Set up a fundraising page. Set a goal, reach out to friends/colleagues, win prizes, challenge co-workers and family. Have fun.
  3. Get moving between October 13th – 15th. Take a picture and share it on social media. Tell us where and why you are moving. #fvmoveon

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Fundraising progress

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Every night there are 5,000 homeless people living on the street in Toronto.

Fred Victor provides housing and shelter for men, women and children who live in extreme poverty, are marginally housed or are homeless. Our emergency shelters provide people with a safe place to sleep and access to services when all other options have failed. And our permanent affordable housing units are a place that many people call home.

Affordable_Housing  Transitional_Housing-small  Family_Housing_II-small  Shelter-small.jpg

To find out more, visit www.fredvictor.org 

Get Your Party On! After all the moving, we party hard. 

Tickets are $25, movers who raise funds attend for free!